A Higher Standard of Clean

Base Prices & Explanation of Services

Fin-tastic Wash – This is a thorough hand wash of the exterior and door crevices of the vehicle plus vacuuming and dusting of interior surfaces. After washing the exterior we apply a mist of spray polish/wax to the exterior finish and dress the tires. Dash protection and carpet spot removal available for an additional fee.

One Wash

Compact Car                                                                        $35.00

Full Size, Luxury, SUV, Van, Truck                                  $40.00

Motorcycle                                                                           $40.00

Flipper- Fin-tastic Wash with exterior wax or carpet shampoo.

Compact Car
Mid/                                                                                      $75.00

Full Size, Luxury,
SUV, Van, Truck                                                                  $85.00

Minnow Detail- Available on Approval (recent model). $110.00

Get Hooked! Full Detail- Fin-Tastic Wash that includes waxing, polishing, clay bar treatment, water spot and minor scratch removal from all exterior surfaces, interior carpet and upholstery cleaning and dressing on all interior hard surfaces, engine detail available upon request.

Compact Car, Mid-Size-                                                   $180.00

Full Size, SUV, Luxury, Van, Truck
Motorcycle                                                                          $200.00

Exterior Detail OR Interior Detail

 Most cars                                                                            $120.00  

Engine Compartment-                                                     
Most Cars                                                                            $40.00
Older Cars/ leaks                                                               $70.00

Note- This is a Base price schedule for The Helpful Herring Auto Services. Prices are subject to change based on vehicle, and vehicle condition. Sales tax will be added at check out where applicable.